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Read what Levi's clients have to say about their experience with her intuitive tarot readings.

"I experienced my first open-ended (blind, no discussion in advance) reading with Levi in August of 2023. I found her to be professional, thoughtful, kind, and accurate. I sat silently while she read cards and spoke for some time, and she was able to provide valuable information and insights on aspects of my life which were both validating (past issues) and helpful (hints on how to handle things present time). I am still processing some of her insights, as she opened my eyes to things I hadn’t noticed, myself! When the reading was nearly complete, I began sharing a bit about how it was landing for me, and she generously offered a couple more more cards to check in with a specific situation. Her card draw and intuitive thoughts on an issue dear to my heart brought me relief to the point of tears. Thank you, Levi! Highly recommend."

- Barb Baumann

"Levi read for me at the last Soirée and it was seriously so tuned in to where i've been at, it was truly amazing. For me, getting that level of validation is priceless. The information she shared helped to shift my perspective to a more positive out look on a couple of sticky points. I highly recommend treating yourself to a reading with Levi."

- Ann Miller Wodziak

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